November is here – more menu choices

Whilst in Europe temperatures are (supposed, as it was still like spring this week in Europe we are told) dropping, in Gambia the climate is just perfect. Enjoy a dinner outside on the terrace with a light breeze coming from the nearby Atlantic Ocean.

We are back open 7 days a week for dinner from 5 pm onwards and the usual buzz is back ‘in town’.

El Sol Gambia restaurant
tender beef Teriyaki El Sol style

We have added some new dishes to our menu like our take on Beef Teriyaki and on popular demand grilled lamb chops and grilled shrimp brochettes (or as the English would say skewers).  Also our dessert selection has been expanded with some more ice cream choices and a moist soft home made carrot cake.

Not sure why we mention the word ‘home made’ because at El Sol we make as much as possible in house, even our own fajita bread is made fresh daily.

See you soon at El Sol, where else?

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